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Expand Your Deals the best with the Perfect Clothing Deals Now

You are more and more likely to want to reduce your wardrobe while having style. And it’s a very good thing. But getting dressed by buying less clothes is not easy for everyone. If the errors of purchases related to the ignorance of your size, your morphology, your colors or your style are classic causes of too filled cupboards, the clothes frenzy arrives, it, to the top of the list.

This article is the beginning of a journey to self-discovery to buy less and better. It introduces you, among others, the key steps to dress well by buying less. With the right love and clothing items the deals come as the bests.

Dress well by buying fewer clothes

To slow down its consumption of fashion articles is to act positively for its well-being and the planet.

Dotted dividing line

Remember, in my article Why choose responsible fashion?

“How to dress well by buying fewer clothes?” Not only is the first point of this list, but it is also the beginning of work on self-image. Moreover, it links two strong values that guide my daily work: harmony (between being and appearance) and respect (of oneself and the environment), the basis of “slow fashion” (understand “non-disposable, durable, responsible mode”).

Dress well

The purpose of this article (and the next ones that will complement it) is to help you create a thoughtful wardrobe made up only of clothing and accessories that match and agree with each other.

It is a first step towards creating your best image, which is in line with your personality, your physique and your speech. An image that respects you as an individual with what is most beautiful. But also the one who respects everything and those around you because, without our land and its great wealth, we are very little.

Dressing well goes beyond appearing

In addition to our primary needs (protection, warmth or coolness), clothing has other roles, a psychological role, a cultural role and a social role. They are decisive for all of us.

How to choose clothes that suit you and adapt to your personality, your tastes, your values, your actions, your words, your way of life, your environment if you do not have a minimum defined these various aspects ?

If you only buy according to your mood, you run straight to the favorite purchase that will remain at the bottom of your closet. The same thing if you spend only with reason, without taking into account your tastes, your ideas and your personal comfort. So there are various factors that play into the wise purchase of a garment.

Dressing well does not mean “being stylish” or “being fashionable”.

In short, getting dressed is choosing clothes that:

    • You correspond physically and morally,


    • Bring you pleasure, well-being and comfort,


    • Integrate into your personal and professional environment,


    • Adapt to the culture in which you live,


    • Correspond to the time, in which you live,


  • Have been designed with respect to those who make them and the environment.


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